From the Desk of Deacon Jim

Greetings and Blessings to you all,

The Foundation for Catholic Secondary Education is perhaps not widely known to the world, but conducts a mission vitally important to the world.  That mission is to financially and faithfully support the cause of Catholic secondary education in the Greater Grand Rapids community.  
This mission is more vital than ever, as today’s world cries out for truth.  We are “missioned” to bring this truth, i.e., the Gospel, to all nations.  Catholic education enables the truths of our faith, to be taught and woven into the fabric of the world we live in, empowering the next generation of emerging adults to model their faith in what they say and in what they do.  In short, through the truth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we are called and empowered to make disciples and be the pillars of light the world so longs for.
The Foundation’s main work is to collect and channel resources to enable all-comers to afford to continue their Catholic education in either West Catholic or Catholic Central high schools.  We welcome your support, and ask you to join us in our mission to make disciples, equipping our graduates to be Jesus Christ to each other and into the world.   The world needs these disciples more than ever.
May God bless us all in His work.

Faithfully yours,

Deacon Jim Hessler

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations…”  Matthew 28:16




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