Endowed Funds as of April 1, 2019

The Foundation for Catholic Secondary Education endowed scholarships are as follows:

  • Twenty one (23) Endowed Named Scholarships at Catholic Central.          

1. The Jim and Ann Burns Endowed Scholarship

2.   Dominican Sisters Educational Fund

3.     Jon Davidson Memorial Scholarship

4.     “Conquering Obstacles” Denny Flak Scholarship

5.     Deacon Dale Hollern Scholarship

6.     Mary Lynn Kampfschulte Music Scholarship Fund

7.     Eugene “Sam” Kunst memorial Scholarship

8.     Rev. James C. Kowalski Scholarship Fund – CCHS

9.     Joe Lauria Memorial Scholarship

10.     William & Karen Lawrence Family Scholarship

11. The John and Sandy Lowery Family Scholarship

12.  Jim & Linda Payne Tuition Assistance Fund

13.  Ed & June Prein Family CCHS Scholarship Fund

14.  Lawrence & Patricia Ranazzi Transfer Scholarship

15.  Reed Family Music Scholarship Fund

16.  Dennis W. Campbell Memorial Scholarship

17. Ziemke Family Scholarship Fund

18. Rob Rosenbach Memorial Scholarship

19. Phil & Sharon Burns Heart & Soul Award

20. Leigh Eriks & Armen Oumedian STEM Scholarship graciously supported by the Zita D. Harris & Clarence W.     Harris Trusts

21. The Nicholas Mihos Memorial Scholarship Fund

22. The AMDG Architects Scholarship Fund

23. The Brian 'McDivot' O'Driscoll Scholarship

To apply, see application instructions and links to the required forms on the Catholic Central website.  

  • Fifteen (15) Endowed Named Scholarships at West Catholic          

1.     West Catholic Band Boosters Scholarship

2.     Czerney Szoka Scholarship Fund

3.     Brechting Academic & Athletic Scholarship

4.     Joanne Harwood Angel Scholarship

5.     Rev. James C. Kowalski Scholarship Fund

6.     Ed Wagner Tuition Assistance Fund

7.     St. Peter Claver Scholarship

8.     Grace (Bono) Slott Endowed Scholarship

9.     Patrick & Jacqueline Murphy Endowed Scholarship

 10.  Robert & Larita Stephanak Scholarship

11.  The Michael G. Cherrette Memorial Scholarship

12.  The Bob & Pat Misner Scholarship

13.  The Bertram Family Scholarship

14.  The Kluting Family Scholarship

15.  The St. John Paul II Scholarship 

To apply, see application instructions and links to the required forms on the West Catholic website.  

  •  Twelve (12) Shared Endowed Scholarships for CC & WC.          

1.     Richard Boguslaski Science & Engineering Equipment Fund

2.     Msgr. Charles D. Brophy Scholarship

3.  Ronnell and Linda Denhof Scholarship

4.     Frank & Mary Hernes Memorial Scholarship

5.     Douglas & Arlene Lillis Scholarship

6.     Lena Allgeier Technology Fund

7.     Faculty Enhancement Fund

8.     Reynolds – Elderkin Family Scholarship

9.     Francis J. Geary Alumni Scholarship

10.     Reilly Family Scholarship

11. David M. Seamon Leadership Award

12. Lyle B. Morrison Memorial Scholarship

To apply, see application instructions and links to the required forms on the school websites: Catholic Central here or West Catholic here. 

The FCSE endowments generates 4% annually for the Catholic Secondary Schools based on a three (3) average rolling average of the endowed fund's yield.

All Foundation funds are invested in the Catholic Foundation of West Michigan, which invests their funds with The Michigan Catholic Conference. This is a pooled income fund with all six (6) Catholic Dioceses in the State of Michigan; consequently, we are earning a higher yield on our investments.




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